Weekly Progress Update #4

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Well, I have to say that these weekly updates have helped to keep me moving forward.  I may not hit every goal every week, but I definitely feel like I’m making progress!

Thankfully, it’s been a calm week.  I’m trying to make more time to actually read the books I check out at the library.  Right now I’m reading Bob Goff’s Everybody Always.  I loved his first book, Love Does, and this book is similar in that it’s a bunch of life stories that are inspiring and encouraging.  I need all the inspiration and encouragement I can get!

I’m excited about implementing our budget strategy in March.  We’re going to budget off of February’s income and try Dave Ramsey’s approach to “give every dollar a name”.  This means we will be purposeful about where every cent goes.  It sounds kind of exhausting, but we’re going to see how it works for us.

But for now, let me get you up to date on my weekly progress plan.


Weekly Goals Review

These were my top 3 financial goals from last week:

  1. Get 3 homeowner’s insurance quotes
  2. Figure out how our homeowner’s insurance claim works
  3. Talk to my husband about next month’s budget system

#1 Homeowner’s Insurance Quotes

I spoke to the insurance agent that had come highly recommended.  Well, actually I spoke to his wife, which was fine because she was very pleasant to talk to.

She asked me a bunch of questions – some that were expected but a few that I found odd.  Like, are you a member of Sam’s Club? And do you use Paypal?  Hey, whatever gets our rate lower, right?

But when I told her we were in the middle of a claim to get our roof replaced, she switched gears.

Turns out it’s never a good idea to change insurance companies in the middle of a claim being processed.

I had thought this might be an issue, but when I spoke to our lender he didn’t think it would be a problem.  So I thought, why wait?

But in addition to that, she told me that a whole new roof will give us a *much* lower premium once it’s complete.

And that’s all I needed to hear.

So, we’ll stay with USAA until the new roof is on, and once I have a completion date I’ll call her back.

She also asked about car insurance, because getting a “bundle” always gets you the highest savings.  So, she took down information about our vehicles and when the time is right, she’ll give me a quote for everything.

When will the roof be done?  Nobody knows, not even the roofer.

#2 Homeowner’s insurance claim

I’m totally stoked about getting a new roof.  Mostly because our insurance company is paying for it, but also because of the value it will add to our home.

Also, as I mentioned above, it should significantly lower our insurance premium.

And – bonus – we could even get a pretty good chunk back if everything works out.

However, the process of working with the insurance company and roofer together to get it done has been a rather complicated and confusing experience.

There are so many moving parts, each with its own acronym and cost, that it’s impossible to understand what it all means just by reading the claim settlement.  And I have a sneaky suspicion they want it that way.

Even when the roofer explained the money we could get back, where it’s coming from and why, I still don’t understand.

So, I had planned to call USAA to ask them to go through it line by line with me.  I don’t have a lot of hope that it will help my understanding, but I thought I’d give it a try.

But today I found out there’s a new twist that adds another layer of complication to the situation:  the roofer is now asking for *double* the original estimate.  And the insurance company is pushing back.

So, at this point, this could all end in one of two ways.  The roofer backs down and accepts the original estimate, or we find a new roofer.

Either way, we’re stopped at an intersection and don’t know which way we’re turning yet.

#3 Budget conversation with my husband

My husband and I rarely talk about money.  It’s not because we hate talking about it together.  It’s just that we’re on different wavelengths.  I’m hyper-aware of what’s going on with our finances, and he doesn’t give it much thought.

So it kind of makes for a lopsided conversation.

Basically, I tell him my ideas, explaining why, what and how, and then remind him about how much debt we’re in.  I usually throw in (for dramatic effect) that we’re eventually going to run out of savings and we’ll be working till we’re 80 if we keep spending the way we do.

Then he usually gives a half worried, half confused expression to show he’s actively listening, asks a couple of simple questions and then agrees with my ideas.

Then he goes back to looking for a truck on Craigslist and I make sure all our bills are paid.

Yeah.  That’s basically it.

And that’s pretty much what happened this morning at the breakfast table.


For Next Week

Even though two of this week’s goals got put on hold, I still made some progress.  At least I got my husband on board with my budget ideas so I can start putting that into motion for March.

For next week, here are my top three financial goals:

  1. Create a zero-based budget for March and review it with my husband
  2. Start Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace online class
  3. Start prepping for taxes

Being on a budget will be a whole new game for us, but following a zero-based budget where every single dollar is accounted for – well, that might just cause our heads to explode.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’m really excited about starting Financial Peace.  I actually signed up for the course back in September through my church.  It’s called FPU Flex because you watch the videos online at home and then meet as a group to discuss the homework once a week.

Well, I never made it to any of the group discussions.  And I never watched any of the videos.  And I never did any of the homework.

So, basically I suck.

But the *good* news is I have access to the course for an entire year!  So even though I don’t have a group to discuss the homework with in person, I can still watch all the videos, do the homework, and discuss with others on the Financial Peace message board.  I don’t know if I’m going to follow the program step by step, but I hope it will give me some good ideas and help me to stay on track.

And lastly, I need to either gather up or print out all of our documents for filing our taxes.  I’m expecting a smaller return than last year, but still hoping for a good amount to put towards our vacation fund!

Tell me how you’re doing with your 2019 financial goals!  What’s working, what’s not?  Have you thrown in the towel or are you crushing it?

Whether you’re reaching out your hand to pull someone up or get pulled up, your story is important – so please share!


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