11 Safe Sites To Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly In 2023

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You can sell gift cards online instantly for real cash

Gift cards can be an excellent choice for gift-giving occasions. They come in many different types, such as department stores, restaurants, online stores, clothing shops, etc.

But, sometimes you might get a gift card that you don’t really want. Maybe you receive some for Christmas or a birthday gift card for a store that you don’t shop at. You’re grateful for the thoughtful gesture, but the reality is that you’ll probably stick them in a drawer and forget about them.

You might also earn or win free gift cards through mobile apps or survey sites. It’s nice to get something for free, but sometimes you need the cash more.

The good news is, you can actually sell gift cards online instantly for real cash. No more wasted gift money!

In fact, there are several sites and apps that will happily give you cash for gift cards. In this post, I will tell you about 11 different options for you to turn your gift cards into cash. I’ll also go over other alternatives to use your gift cards so they don’t go to waste.

First, let’s go over a few things to keep in mind when selling gift cards online for cash.

What to expect when selling gift cards for cash

Here are a few tips when you decide you want to sell your gift cards for cash.

  • There are a variety of ways to exchange gift cards for money, but if you choose to sell online instantly, you can avoid any shipping costs. You simply enter the basic card details (see next section), and the marketplace will convert your physical gift card into a digital gift card. Then, they can transfer this balance to the gift card buyer.
  • You can sell many types of gift cards even if they’ve been partially used. Of course, the value of your gift cards decreases as the balance gets lower.
  • Thankfully, gift cards can’t expire for five years, due to the Credit Card Act of 2009. However, the gift card issuer can charge the recipient an “inactivity fee” if the card isn’t used within one year. So, if you don’t think you’ll use your gift card, it’s best to sell or exchange it soon after receiving it.
  • Typically, gift cards sell less than their purchase price. If they didn’t, most people would just go to a store to buy them. The reason you can get cash for gift cards is because you’re selling them for a little less than what they’re actually worth. So, don’t expect to get the full current balance for your gift cards.
  • Also, you may pay a small fee to online gift card exchange sites when you sell your cards. For this reason, you should compare fees among several sites and choose the lowest option. You could also consider selling through other local marketplaces so that you can avoid these fees. Later in this post, I’ll give you a few ideas to sell your gift cards locally.
  • Sometimes, you can return unused gift cards to the issuing merchant for less than its original balance (like, 90% of its value). For gift card returns, you will need the purchase receipt. This means you would have to go through the uncomfortable exchange of asking for this receipt from the person who gave it to you.

Now, let’s go over the simple steps to actually sell your gift cards online instantly for cash.

How to sell your gift cards instantly online for cash

The process to sell your gift cards online is a simple one. Although different sites might put these steps in a different order, this is basically the same procedure.

  1. Enter the brand or card type of your gift card
  2. Enter the balance of the gift card
  3. Enter the gift card number and its pin, located on the back of the card
  4. Enter or select your asking price

After placing your gift card on sale, it should be verified immediately. Then it will be available to potential buyers in that marketplace. 

Now that you know how to sell your gift cards and what to expect, let’s move on to the 11 gift card sites and apps where you can sell them for real money.

11 places to instantly sell your gift cards online for cash

Probably the most difficult part of selling your gift cards online is finding the right marketplace. 

To help you get cash for your gift cards, I’ve put together this list of 11 places where you can exchange them for money (in no particular order).

1. CardCash

A popular favorite to sell gift cards online, CardCash began in 2009 and they accept many types of gift cards to sell at a discount.

  • They have a simple selling process so you can quickly get your cards in their marketplace.
  • There are no fees to sell gift cards.
  • They pay up to 92% of the card’s balance, depending on the type of gift card and its popularity.
  • They will pay you with cash, via direct deposit, or through Paypal.
  • Payments are typically sent within 1-2 days of approval.
  • Most branded cards can be sold digitally to save on shipping costs.
  • You’ll need to enter a credit card to verify identity (no debit cards allowed).
  • A $1 authorization fee is charged on your credit card, but is reversed once validated.
  • You have the option to trade your gift card in exchange for different ones to get paid up to 11% more.

2. GiftCash

GiftCash was started in 2017 and is a trusted gift card exchange platform that offers payment in Cryptocurrency.

  • They have an easy 3-step process to sell your gift cards. Just click the sell gift card button on their home page to start.
  • They accept gift cards from many top brands.
  • They offer cash payouts of up to 92% of the card’s value.
  • They only accepts gift cards from the U.S. and Canada.
  • You can sell cards with a minimum card value of $25 and a maximum value of $2,000.
  • You’ll have to purchase a card reader to “swipe” the gift card details into their system.
  • There is no trading option.
  • They offer a bulk gift card sales program if you have a bunch of gift cards you want to sell.
  • Payout methods include ACH deposit (U.S.), Interac (Canada), or Cryptocurrency (U.S. and Canada).
  • Payouts are processed in 10-15 business days for U.S. sellers, and 5-10 business days for Canadian sellers.
  • You’ll be required to go through a one-time identity verification before your first payout.

3. Raise

Selling your gift cards on Raise is simple. With this gift card company, you can set your own prices, and either accept or reject the offers you receive.

  • Raise will recommend the optimum selling price, based on past sales, or you can set your own selling price.
  • Once you sell a card via Raise, there is a 15% commission reduced from the price.
  • A valid and current credit card or debit card is required to be on file with your account.
  • You can sell partially used gift cards.
  • There are two ways to transfer money from gift cards: ACH Direct Deposit (can take up to three business days) and PayPal (can take up to five business days for the money to appear in your Verified PayPal account and there is a $5 withdrawal minimum).
  • When entering your ACH Direct Deposit information, your social security number must be entered as well.
  • eGift cards must have a minimum balance of $5, and all gift card balances must be under $2,000.
  • There are restrictions on some brands.
  • Most gift cards are verified, approved and appear on the marketplace for sale within 24 to 72 hours of the original listing time.
  • Some brands on Raise.com have hold times before the balance can be verified and approved.
  • If electronic delivery is possible, Raise will automatically list and deliver your card as an eGift.
  • Raise no longer accepts physical gift cards for sale or for shipment.
  • Raise does have a mobile app, but it doesn’t allow for any seller activity.
  • They have a bulk seller program.

4. Prepaid2Cash

Prepaid2Cash was started in 2016 and provides sellers with a quick and secure solution to get cash for their gift cards and prepaid cards (e.g., Visa, Mastercard, etc.).

  • Gift card transactions are completed through their mobile app, which you can download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play. You’ll also need to create an account.
  • After you enter your gift card information, you’ll need to provide a valid U.S. issued identification number (eg. driver’s license number) to continue the transaction process.
  • When you’re given an offer, you’ll also be given the expected payment delivery date.
  • For your first transaction, you’ll need to enter your bank details for payment.
  • After you accept an offer for your gift card, you’ll receive a direct deposit into your bank account within 2 to 3 business days.
  • You can receive up to 92% of the retail price or current balance, but the actual exchange rate varies based on the type of gift card. Once Prepaid2Cash has verified your card’s balance, they will make you an offer, which you can accept or reject.
  • You will receive payment via direct deposit for most Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover branded prepaid card programs as well as branded gift cards.
  • There are no fees to sell your gift cards, but prepaid cards do incur a processing fee between 7.5% to 15%, depending on your chosen delivery time.
  • Prepaid2Cash accepts physical gift cards, electronic gift cards and store merchandise credits from many of the most popular cards (eg. Walmart, Best Buy, Ulta).
  • The balance on the gift card must be between $25.00 and $1000.00 and there cannot be any restrictions on the cards.
  • There is a minimum transaction limit of $20.00 for prepaid cards and $25.00 for gift cards. The maximum transaction limit per user during a 24 hour period of time is $500 for prepaid cards and $1,000.00 for gift cards.
  • Prepaid2Cash is not available outside of the United States at this time.

5. Gameflip

GameFlip is an online marketplace for gaming where you can buy and sell digital assets, including a limited selection of gift cards. 

  • Before you can become a gift card seller on Gameflip, you must create an account, verify your phone number and get your ID approved.
  • Popular gift cards on this marketplace are game related, but they do accept some non-gaming gift cards.
  • They have a rating system for sellers, which is a percentage calculated as Feedback Ratings, based on how many items have been sold.
  • If you sell a lot of items, you can promote yourself on your own About page.
  • Your cash from sales might be held for a few hours to a few days before it can be withdrawn. As you establish a good selling record over time, the period that the cash from completed sales is held will be reduced and eventually instantly available for withdrawal.
  • Gameflip takes an 8% commission plus 2% for a digital fee (if applicable) off of the listing price.
  • After you complete a sale and the funds appear in your cash balance, you will be able to either withdraw to your Wise, Payoneer, Skrill accounts, or to your Bitcoin wallet.
  • Cards that you sell must not expire or incur fees.
  • Gameflip recommends setting your gift card prices somewhere between 70% to 95% of the card value.

6. CardSwap

CardSwap is Canada’s largest online secure gift card exchange, where you can convert your Canadian gift cards into cash. 

  • Gift cards sold to CardSwap must have a balance of $25 or higher and be redeemable in Canada.
  • CardSwap accepts a wide variety of gift cards from over 450 Canadian retailers.
  • You simply submit your gift card info and receive an instant cash offer.
  • CardSwap requires verification of all gift card resellers with a valid credit card.
  • You must mail your gift card to CardSwap to receive payment, but they provide a prepaid shipping label.
  • Your payment options are by check (all payments sent to credit card billing address), or as SwapPoints, which can be redeemed for gift cards or cash back through PayPal.
  • CardSwap processes all payments within two business days of receiving. You will get an e-mail notifying you that your check by mail has been sent out or SwapPoints have been added to your account.
  • Store credits for returned merchandise may also be accepted if accompanied by the original receipt of purchase.

7. Clip Kard

Clip Kard is another option to sell your gift cards for cash. You can get an instant offer on their website, but you will need to create an account before you can actually sell it to their marketplace and get paid. You will also have to mail your gift cards to them.

  • There are no fees associated with selling gift cards to Clip Kard.
  • If you accept Clip Kard’s offer for your gift card, you must ship your gift card to them. However, they do offer free USPS first class shipping.
  • Clip Kard sends payment within 24 hours of receiving your gift card. Payment typically takes 3-10 business days after balance verification to post to your account.
  • Sellers are limited to selling a maximum of $300 worth of gift cards within a 15-day period. This limit is increased for trusted sellers.
  • The minimum card value that they accept is $15 and the maximum is $1000. You can sell cards that are new or partially used.
  • Payout options include check by mail or Paypal. Checks are sent to the billing address listed in your seller account. Checks typically take 5-14 days for delivery. PayPal payments can take up to 3 days to post into your PayPal account.
  • They currently accept over 100 different brands.

8. Gift Card Outlets

Previously known as Gift Card Spread, GiftCardOutlets (GCO) is another platform where you can sell and also trade your unwanted cards. They currently accept hundreds of retailers. However, they do not offer instant payment because you have to physically mail your card to them first.

  • With Gift Card Outlets, you submit a price offer first. Then, they will let you know within 2-3 business days if your offer has been accepted or rejected.
  • They do accept gift cards with an expiration date, as long as it’s at least 6 months in the future (and you mention this when making an offer).
  • The seller is responsible for shipping the gift card to GCO’s mailing address, and once received, the card’s balance and validity will be verified.
  • Once the gift card has been verified with GCO, they will send you a check (typically within 10 working days). 
  • Generally, Gift Card Outlets will pay between 60% – 90% of the value on the gift card.
  • There is no information on their website regarding seller fees.

9. Cardyard

Cardyard is a U.K. online e-commerce gift card platform that allows people to sell their unwanted gift cards for cash. You simply enter a few details about your gift card, and Cardyard will make you an offer.

  • Cardyard will give you an immediate quote for a set price to buy your gift card. If you accept their offer, you can upload or mail your gift card to them.
  • You will receive payment for your submitted gift cards 2 weeks after Cardyard has sold them to a buyer.
  • You must register with the site to buy or sell gift cards.
  • You can use Cardyard outside of the U.K., but you must have a UK billing address for selling and buying. They only ship physical gift cards to the U.K.
  • Card yard pays via bank transfer to your bank account, PayPal or Card yard credit. You can also donate part or all proceeds to charity.
  • When you’re paid in Card yard credit, you receive a 5% bonus. You can use your Card yard credit to purchase gift cards on the site.
  • The value of any one transaction cannot exceed £500 unless you have gotten their permission.
  • You cannot sell more than £1,000 worth of cards in one month without their agreement.
  • You can sell gift cards with an expiration, as long as they have a minimum of 3 months left.

10. BuyBackWorld

BuyBackWorld has been around since 2009, and is unique to the list because they will pay you cash for a wide variety of household goods you want to sell (including gift cards).

  • Go to their website and enter the gift card you want to sell to get an upfront, no risk quote.
  • You can earn up to over 90% of the value of your remaining balance depending on the retailer.
  • You must mail your physical gift cards to them, but they do provide a prepaid shipping label. 
  • Once they receive your gift cards and complete the verification process, they will issue your payment via check, PayPal, direct deposit, prepaid debit card, or BuyBackWorld credit.
  • The value of your gift cards are verified and your payment is issued within two business days. Payment delivery times depend on the payment method you choose.
  • They do not accept store credit for resale.
  • They currently only accept physical cards that have not expired.

11. EJ Gift Cards

EJ Gift Cards makes it easy for you to sell your unwanted gift cards for cash. Simply enter the brand and balance of the gift card you want to sell, and EJ Gift Cards will make you an instant offer.

  • You will need to register with the site to sell your gift cards.
  • If you accept their offer, you just need to enter the gift card’s number and PIN, as well as your PayPal email address. 
  • Paypal is the only method of payment currently.
  • They accept major retailers, but considerably fewer than others on this list.
  • Payouts are typically issued every week on the following Friday. Once you submit a sell order you will receive an expected payout date.

Update: Gift card businesses that no longer buy gift cards

During my research for this post, I came across a few gift card platforms that are either now out of business, or no longer buy gift cards for cash.

These marketplaces are mistakenly listed in many posts across the internet as valid sites where you can sell your gift cards.

I thought I would provide the names here so you are aware that these platforms are no longer options to sell your gift cards.

  • Gift Card Granny – I visited this website and found no information to sell gift cards. So, I called their customer service number and spoke to a real person who confirmed they no longer buy gift cards from private parties. However, they do provide a handy gift card balance checker on their website.
  • Cardpool – When you go to this website, you’ll see a page that states they no longer buy or sell gift cards.
  • Card Kangaroo – This is another popular gift card marketplace I found on many lists, but it’s now a gaming site.

Other ways to sell your gift cards

If you would rather not deal with websites and direct deposit payments, you can choose to sell your gift cards without a middle man.

Here are 4 viable options to sell your gift cards for cash locally.


Craigslist is a website for viewing and posting local advertisements. Just choose your city, and you’ll find a wide selection of categories, from housing to jobs to items for sale in your area. 

Simply create a listing to sell your gift card, mentioning the brand, the balance, and any restrictions that might be on the card. Craigslist will create an email for you so you don’t have to submit your personal one. Buyers will contact you if they’re interested, and you can agree to meet at a specific location to sell your gift cards in person.


Although eBay is an online auction site where you can sell and ship items all over the world, you can choose to only offer local pickup. Because this is how most people sell their gift cards on this platform, it’s a great option to sell your gift cards locally.


GiftCardBin is a unique gift card marketplace in that you have to go to one of their physical locations to sell your gift cards. They have over 600 partner locations across the U.S.

  • Just take your gift cards along with a photo ID to any Gift Card Bin location to get an instant cash payout for your gift cards.
  • Their website has little information, so you should call one of their locations to inquire about any additional fees, rules, and restrictions.

Garage Sale

Hosting a garage sale is also an easy way to sell your gift cards directly to a buyer. It’s easy for anyone to verify the balance of your gift cards by simply calling the number on the back of the card. 

Can you sell gift cards on Facebook Marketplace and NextDoor?

I checked both sites, and both specifically prohibit the sale of gift cards on their platforms.

Other options for unwanted gift cards

Whichever gift card selling site you choose, the reality is you’ll never get 100% of its value when you sell your cards. If this makes you hesitate selling your gift cards for cash, there are other alternatives to choose from.

Here are 6 additional options you have for getting rid of your unwanted gift cards.

1. Donate your gift card to charity

Many times, nonprofit organizations will use gift cards as prizes at fundraising events. You can choose to donate your unused cards to organizations that you support, and you’ll know it’s going to a worthy cause. Just be sure that your donated cards do not expire anytime soon, and that it’s for a popular retailer that is either local or online.

If you want to donate your gift cards to charity but don’t have a specific organization in mind, you can donate your cards through Gift Card BankThis site collects donations of gift cards in order to purchase necessities such as groceries and clothing. Then, they match these items to people who are in financial distress.

2. Re-gift your gift cards

Gift cards can be a great gift, when they are relevant to the recipient’s lifestyle. If you have a gift card that you know you’ll never use, why not give it to a family member, friend, or co-worker that you know would appreciate it? 

You could also save your unused gift cards until a birthday rolls around, or for the holidays. Always confirm the balance and that any expiration date is far enough in the future so the recipient has time to spend it.

3. Swap/sell your gift cards to family and friends

Maybe you received a gift card at a company party or a holiday gift exchange. If you ended up with one you don’t want, check around to see if anyone would like to swap with you. You can also offer to sell your gift card to friends, family, or co-workers.

Another option is to ask around at work or school to see if there’s anyone that has unused gift cards of their own that they’d like to swap.

4. Buy essentials for shelters

If you have a gift card from a large retailer like Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Costco, or Amazon, you can purchase much-needed supplies for local shelters. Call a shelter in your area to ask what they could use, then spend your gift card for these donations.

5. Buy products to resell

You could always use your gift card to buy items from the card’s retailer, then turn around and sell them. Simply take a few photos and upload them to Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Nextdoor or eBay and name your price.

Always do a little research beforehand to find out the most popular items that store sells. This will get you the highest price and fastest sale.

How to avoid gift card scams

In my research for this post, I came across some gift card selling sites that looked sketchy. I kept these sites off this list.

Unfortunately, there are sites that will try to scam you. To avoid losing your gift cards and not getting paid, take these steps to ensure you keep your gift card transactions safe:

  • Check the FAQs and Terms pages of the website to confirm that they offer a guarantee on all transactions.
  • Do a web search for reviews on a specific site to read about others’ experiences with selling on that marketplace. You can also check Trustpilot to research their track record.
  • Check the site to make sure all pertinent information is easily available. Avoid any sites that are vague or don’t explain their policies thoroughly.

If you don’t feel comfortable selling your gift card, don’t do it. Look for a customer service number that allows you to talk to a real person so you can get your questions answered. You can always choose to do a face-to-face transaction by using local options.


Where can I exchange my gift cards?

The only gift card marketplace on this list where you can exchange your unwanted gift cards for different ones is CardCash. If you choose to trade instead of sell, you’ll get up to 11% more for your gift cards.

Where can I sell my Amazon gift card?

Because Amazon is a very popular and established website where millions of people shop every day, you’ll have several choices to sell your Amazon gift cards. GiftCash, Raise, Gameflip, GiftCardOutlets, CardYard, BuyBackWorld, EJ Gift Cards, all currently accept Amazon gift cards.

Where can I sell iTunes gift cards?

If you have iTunes gift cards that you want to sell for cash, you can try CardCash, GameFlip, GiftCardOutlets, CardYard, or BuyBackWorld.

Where can I sell “e-gift” digital gift cards?

To sell e-gift cards (“e” stands for electronic, so there is no physical card), you can visit CardCash, GiftCash, Raise, PrePaid2Cash, GiftCardOutlets, or CardYard.

Where can I convert gift cards to Paypal?

The gift card marketplaces that will pay you via Payal for your gift cards are CardCash, Raise, ClipKard, CardYard, BuyBackWorld, and EJ Gift Cards.

Where can I sell my unwanted cards for the highest price?

How much cash you can get for your gift cards will depend on the brand and its popularity. There are a few sites on this list that claim you can get up to 92% of the value, but this is just the maximum. 

How do I choose where to sell my gift cards for a cash payout?

When looking for a gift card marketplace to sell your cards, the first thing you’ll want to do is validate its legitimacy. You’ll also need to verify that they will accept the brand of gift cards you want to sell. Also check that the site pays out in your country’s currency. Then, look for their policies on how a card payment distributes (ACH cash deposit, Paypal, check, etc.), how long it takes to get paid, if there are any fees, etc. Make sure you are well aware of the terms before you choose where to sell your gift cards.

Is it safe to sell gift cards for instant cash online?

As with most things, there are safe options to sell your gift cards online, and then there are the scams. As long as you select a reputable and legitimate gift card selling site, you should be able to sell your gift cards safely and securely.

Final words on how to sell gift cards online instantly

According to a 2022 survey by CreditCards.com, almost half of Americans have at least one unused gift card. This adds up to a whopping $21 billion of unused credit nationwide!

Don’t let those unwanted gift cards go to waste. Even though you probably won’t get the full value, you can still cash them in for a partial balance that you can use elsewhere.

Start with the gift card marketplaces on this website. Check a few different ones to see what type of offer you can get. And, always validate the site’s validity before you accept any.

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11 Safe Sites To Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly In 2023

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