Savings Calculator

Calculate loan details when buying a new vehicle and determine how much you can afford.

How to use the Savings Calculator

Use our auto loan calculator to determine an estimate of your monthly car payment and total loan cost based on vehicle price, interest rate, and loan amount. (You can choose to enter “0” for one of the first 3 inputs.)

The Number of Months equals the total number of loan payments you’ll make.

For the Annual Interest Rate, enter the rate you believe you’ll qualify for.

The Payment Method refers to whether the lender uses the start of period or end of period to determine when your loan is due. There’s usually a slight difference in how much you pay monthly based on the payment method. If unsure, choose Start-of-Period.

Once you’ve entered all required inputs, just click the Calc button at the bottom of the calculator.

For additional explanation, click the Help button.

Additional options:

  • Click the $ sign at the bottom of the calculator to change the currency
  • Click mm/dd/yyyy to change the date format
  • Click the + or to increase or decrease the size of the calculator
  • Click Print to print a screenshot of the calculator with your inputs and their results
  • Click Schedule to see a detailed loan payment schedule based on your inputs
  • Click Charts to see three graphs that visually represent your loan payments over time

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