When I find a good book, a helpful app, or anything else that I think could support you as you learn better money management, I’ll write a review and post it here.

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Top 10 Things I Learned From FPU Flex

If you followed my review of the 9-week Financial Peace Flex course, you’ll know that I originally signed up for it through my church but ended up flaking out. The good news was that I have access to it for up to a year, so I decided to go through

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Financial Peace Week 9: The Great Misunderstanding

This is my 9th and final week reviewing the Financial Peace Flex online course. Week 1 covers the starter emergency fund and budgeting. Week 2 teaches how to pay off debt using the Debt Snowball method. Week 3 talks about how to build up a fully-funded 3 to 6-month emergency fund. Week 4 focuses

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