Why You Should Plan Your 2020 Goals Now

There are two weeks left for 2019, and then we say goodbye to a decade.  Can you believe it’s already been 20 years since the turn of the century?

There are a lot of things that have changed since 2000 – 2 more kids, 2 new houses, 1 less dad (*miss you Dad!*).

But our financial situation hasn’t really changed a whole lot.

We still have debt.  We still live paycheck to paycheck.  We still don’t communicate about money.

If I had made 20-year goals back in 2000, they wouldn’t look like where we’re at today.  When you don’t have goals, you let circumstances dictate where you land.

Most people see January 1st as the perfect time for a new start.  They pull out the planner they spent hours on Amazon searching for, and start making a list of resolutions.

But then, inevitably, the newness of the year wears off along with the motivation that came with it.  By February, inspiration can barely be seen in the rear view mirror.  Life regulates itself with routine and habit, and your planner is neglected in a desk drawer.

Maybe next year.

Okay, so I’m describing myself here.  But I know that a lot of people struggle with staying on track with new year goals.

A few months back I was listening to a podcast, and the person being interviewed mentioned she makes her new year goals in December.  This way, when January 1st rolls around, she’s already built up enough momentum to push her past all the quitters that give up by February.

I thought brilliant.  That’s some darn good advice.

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And that’s why I’m sharing it here, along with my own 3 good reasons to make your 2020 goals now.


Get A Head Start

Goals are like dreams without a plan.

It’s easy to make a list of things you’d like to do.  That’s the fun part.  But if you don’t plan how you’ll achieve them, they’ll never leave the ground.

Plans take time to flesh out.  Typically, they require some research.  You may want to sleep on your ideas until they really gel.

And then there are revisions.  Be open to switching things up, altering your plan, even changing your goals.

As you think about what you really want to accomplish and how, allow divine inspiration to override any rigid thinking.

Then once you feel good about the goals you’ve set and the plans to achieve them, let them sit for a while.  Write them down, then leave them alone for a few days.

When you go back to review them, be aware of how you feel.

Are you excited?  Motivated?  Inspired?

Or do you feel a sense of obligation?  Do you feel worried or burdened or unmotivated?

Listen to your feelings, and decide if the goals you’ve chosen are really the right ones for you.

Start this process now, so you can start building momentum before the new year begins.


Build Momentum

Once you have a clear direction you’re headed, start adding some structural support to the path.

Think of any logistics your plans require that you could address now.  You don’t want the practical details to slow you down once the new year starts.

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If you want to incorporate apps in your money management, download some now.  Play around with them, see what works for you and what doesn’t.

If you want to lose weight, start experimenting with recipes now.  Build a library of healthy meals.  Put together a meal plan for January.

If you want to learn a new skill, like photography, start reading books and visiting websites.  Buy the camera you want to use, and figure out how to use it.

If you want to generate more income with a side hustle, research the opportunities available to you.  Find out the potential income with each one.  Determine what fits your life and personality.

I could go on, but you get the picture.

The preparation you do now will build momentum for the plans you’ll implement in January.  You’ll already be in motion, so once New Year’s Day comes, you can hit the ground running.


Hit The Ground Running

Before you take that first sip of bubbly and kiss your partner at the stroke of midnight, everything will be in place to start crushing your goals the next morning.

The effort you put in ahead of time to identify the right goals, create a clear plan, and gather the materials you need will set you up to start giving 100% from the very start.

You won’t be bogged down with cloudy thinking, uncertainty, unknowns, and a lack of resources.

You’ll already have the momentum and the motivation to push you through the mid-January slump, when most people are losing steam.

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And you’ll experience progress and a sense of achievement sooner, which helps to keep you focused and on track.

So what are you waiting for?  (*Don’t* wait to find the perfect planner!)

Start writing down goals and making plans today.  Set yourself up for success by doing the groundwork needed to get a head start.

Then, when you turn the first page on the new decade, you’ll be ready for some serious goal-crushing!

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