Manage Money

Take control of your finances with smart money management tips and strategies.  Learn to budget, pay off your debt and use helpful resources to achieve your financial goals.

How To Manage Your Money

Create A Budget

Get on a spending plan that maximizes income and minimizes expenses.

Pay Off Debt

Follow this guide to get out of debt for good and achieve financial freedom.

Money Tools

14 (mostly free) money management tools to help you get control of your finances.

All Posts About Managing Money

Saving jars representing Dave Ramsey Sinking Funds

Dave Ramsey Sinking Funds: What Are They and How Can I Use Them?

What you need to know about Dave Ramsey sinking funds Dave Ramsey is a personal finance guru that has created many products to help people get out of debt and save money. One way he helps you do this is by implementing sinking funds. In this blog post we will be discussing …
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