Does retirement feel closer than you're prepared for?

Learn to save more money, make more money, and get on track with your dream retirement.

Even if you’re a recovering procrastinator, it’s never too late to start.

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It’s time to take control.

Let me help you get on track with your retirement goals!


Hi, I’m Sabrina, a 50-something personal finance enthusiast, self-professed budget nerd, and founder of Finance Over Fifty.

If you feel like retirement is closer than you’re prepared for, then I’m so glad you’re here! I help late savers stop being passive and start being purposeful with their money, so they can have financial security in retirement.

Using simple strategies and systems that helped me pay off debt and build savings, I’ll help you get on track with your retirement planning, teach you how to develop better money habits, and inspire you to dream big!  

Are you ready to go from passive to purposeful with your money? Even if you’re a late saver, it’s never too late to start!

You can learn more about me and Finance Over Fifty on my About page.

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Ready to make retirement a priority?

Grab this *free* copy of the Retirement Planning Mini-Workbook!  These 14 important questions will help get you on track toward accomplishing your retirement goals.

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